About Develop Africa

My Gift To Africa is a part of Develop Africa's on-going fund raising program. Develop Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-governmental (NGO) organization founded with the aim of facilitating meaningful and sustainable development in Africa.  Develop Africa  is headquartered in Tennessee, USA.  Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.

Through training, scholarship, investment and partnerships Develop Africa is committed to developing Africa’s people through the promotion of transformational education, resource development, investment training and strategic empowerment. Our premise is based on the notion that in order to change one’s personal, national or organizational status there must necessarily be a “change in the thinking and processing pattern of the mind.”

We envision an African continent fully developed in terms of its human and resource capacity, free from poverty; ignorance, and civil conflict and where the poorest and most vulnerable people become “leaders” and effectively manage national resources.

 Computer training

Examples of Specific Activities

  1. Provide training for job skills
  2. Conduct HIV / Aids sensitization training
  3. Provide microfinance and small business support
  4. Provide tuition and book scholarships
  5. Provide leadership development training
  6. Provide basic computer training and computers
  7. Facilitate and support special needs / disabled children and youths

Proceeds From Vehicle Donations Will:
  • Provide much-needed training, microfinance and support to jobless youths and young adults, enabling them to launch their own small business
  • Provide scholarships enabling children to continue their education
  • Provide crucial leadership development training to enable leaders to make better choices and decisions
  • Provide HIV / Aids sensitization training to curb the spread of the killer disease Aids
  • Support special needs programs and children so their lives can be more meaningful

Develop Africa
's main website can be found at http://www.developafrica.org.

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