Sponsor Microfinance: Empower Small Businesses


This project empowers individuals in Africa who are interested in developing their small businesses. It helps them break the cycle of poverty and boost economic development through 2 key areas: business management training and financial assistance. This support helps them effectively start and grow their small businesses. Priority is given to youths and women. Small businesses are the life-blood of African economies and this is a great way to bring change and boost economies.


Sierra Leone's population of 6.5 million is composed of 45% youth. But there is widespread unemployment among the youth, with estimates as high as 70% unemployed and or underemployed. Tens of thousands of youths and adults struggle to find a meaningful existence and are living below the poverty line. They are exposed to the temptations of resorting to a lifestyle of vices and destructive occupations. They desperately need help and a viable path to self-sufficiency.


This project provides foundational training in business management and entrepreneurship, and business capital to participants. This helps them to start or expand their businesses, become self-reliant and also employ others.

Long-Term Impact

The project will enable individuals and small businesses to move from barely making enough to meet their basic needs (living from hand to mouth) to a point where they will expand, provide employment, and contribute to national development.

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