With 22 kids, a dull moment is rare!

Following is an update about our project Help Care For Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone

Every day brings some activity at the Dream Home.  With 22 kids, a dull moment is rare!  

Here is a quick update on some of our activities.

The Dream Home children celebrated Regina's (youngest) 2nd birthday recently and had a birthday party.  

The kids have had multiple visitors the past few weeks. Visitors included Aunty Ellen, Cecelia, Pastor Faith and Abdul, who challenged the children on the importance of education as the only sure means to succeed in life. The Home / children received gifts like six half-bags of rice, crayons and other items from these visitors.

The children have been working hard in their classes and recently went on a field trip with their school. Every year the Vickrays Community Primary School organizes a field trip as part of their school program. This is done with the notion that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” This activity usually takes place after the second term examination each school year.

Last year, there was no field trip due to the Ebola outbreak restrictions. Thankfully, this year, the kids of Dream Again Home were happy to attend this year’s field trip. Seventeen of the primary school children together with Regina, Dorcas, Haja, Mariama, the matron and her two daughters were also in attendance.

The kids had a great time at the trip. Hannah said, “It was a good day spent well with friends”. Florence commented, “I enjoyed the food and drinks”. Aminata said: "I like the view at Fellow Farm".

These children would simply not be able to celebrate birthdays or enjoy field trips at school - if it weren't for your support!  Thank you for helping them dream again!  

We would like to invite you to come visit us at the Dream Home.  The kids would love to chat and play with you.  Should you be interested in visiting, please let us know.  We will make you real welcome!

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