The Search For a New Home Has Started

Following is an update about our project Build A New Home for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone

We have excitedly started the process of looking for a new home for the "Dream Home" Orphanage.

This process involved a review of the current housing situation.

  1. Current property is not fenced / secure.
  2. Does not have internal bathrooms.
  3. Does not have a large dining area that can seat all the kids.
  4. Transportation: Currently most of the kids are walking to a nearby school.
  5. Does not have internal plumbing / running water.   

We have included in this report some external photos of the home - so you can see what the area looks like.
With this in mind, here are a few items on our wish list

  1. 5+ bedrooms
  2. Fenced
  3. Housing for Matron + 1 or 2
  4. Location - Goderich to Wellington (readily accessible to public transportation / schools)
  5. Ideally located within walking distance of a school.  Otherwise, we will need to purchase a bus.

We welcome your suggestions of things we should keep in mind as we plan this transition.  

The management team has determined that we might need to transition in 2 phases:

Phase 1:  Lease a temporary, more ideal home.  We could use this home for 1-3 years.  Given the funding, this is an option that we would prefer to implement this year.  With this in mind, we have started the process of locating a house we could lease for this purpose.  This would help to address the most urgent need for security / safety.  We appreciate your support to make this a reality.

Phase 2: Purchase a long term home.  This could involve buying an existing house or building a new house.  We have started looking for grant opportunities that will help make this a reality.

For more updates about this project visit, Build A New Home for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone